Meet Ines Margarita, Kiva Entrepreneur for November

Red Chilli Peppers

Every month we make ‘loans that change lives’ to entrepreneurs without access to traditional banking systems via

Like Kiva, we believe in a world where everyone with a great idea holds the power to realise their potential.

The recipient of November’s loan is Ines Margarita, from Cartagena, Columbia. She is a mother to six children, and works from 5am daily selling seasonal fruit, veg and other foods to passers-by - all the products used by Cartagenans on a daily basis. She acquired her stand in 2008, so has spent seven years growing her business so far.

Ines stood out to us among the 5,392 potential recipients for what she wants to use her loan to do. The vast majority of other borrowers with similar stalls are seeking loans in order to buy stock- different fruit, perhaps, or greater quantities.

However, Ines Margarita will use her loan to buy shelves in order to properly display her range of products, at present piled on and around the metal table of her stand. She knows that she will increase her sales when her customers can clearly see what she is providing.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Ines knows, at present, what is in her pile of fruit. She knows where each vegetable is and that if she moves aside a bunch of onions what she will find underneath. Of course she does, this is her stand and its products are her livelihood.

But without those products being clearly displayed to passers-by, she has realised that the extent of her range is lost, and that her customers may never know that she sells their favourite foods.

No matter what your product is, whether you’re in Columbia or Cornwall or Colorado, you need the world to see clearly what it is you offer.

You might know that your oranges are the sweetest and your chillies full of fire, but without a way of clearly displaying them, they’re in danger of being left on the stand.

We’re excitedly watching Ines Margarita’s progress (at the time of writing she is 46% of the way there with hitting her target), and if you feel similarly inspired to support her, you can help her on her way here:

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