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Inkspiller Copywriting Services Supports Kiva

Like lots of our friends, colleagues and clients, we’re not doing Christmas cards at Inkspiller this year, but making an extra donation to Kiva.org instead, who we’ve supported in 2015.

If you’re so inclined, you can choose which borrower you think we should support this month (it’s never easy to decide) by voting here: https://inkspiller.typeform.com/to/wT6dU5

If you haven’t heard of Kiva, their mission is alleviate poverty and give ‘loans that change lives’ to entrepreneurs without access to traditional banking systems. 100% of the funds go to borrowers, Kiva does not take a cut. Their success is reflected by the fact they have over a 98% repayment rate.

We support them because we believe in a world where everyone with a great idea holds the power to realise their potential and to create new opportunities for themselves and others.

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