31 Prompts to Spark Content Ideas for January

Content marketing ideas for January

So, you want to start 2016 as you mean to go on, creating inspiring, relevant and timely content for your audience?

Us too. Here are 31 prompts to help you fill out your content calendar this month. You’re welcome.

(Find the calendar here: https://goo.gl/6xQCw9)

  1. January is the month to look at the year ahead, but before you look forward, how about looking back at 2015? What trends did you notice?

  2. What changed for you or your customers in 2015?

  3. What were the best decisions you made?

  4. Any wonderful wins or case studies you haven’t shared yet?

  5. Who inspired you most last year?

  6. Look at your analytics for last year, what did people Google to find you? Can you create more content around these topics?

  7. January is also the month for decluttering, does your business have a different take on decluttering - e.g. can you help customers declutter finances or software applications?

  8. What industry predictions can you make for this year?

  9. Can you predict trends in the economy? Don’t be afraid to be provocative.

  10. Alternatively, do you have a controversial take on other people’s predictions?

  11. What New Year’s resolutions do you have?

  12. Is there anything you wish people would stop doing?

  13. Or start doing?

  14. What new things your customers could try this year?

  15. Are there any ways you can help save them time this year?

  16. Or save money?

  17. Or simplify?

  18. Or, just make 2016 their best year yet?

  19. What key events are happening in your industry this year that your audience can add to their planners now?

  20. Any checklists for the year ahead?

  21. Or key questions to ask ourselves?

  22. 18th January is Martin Luther King day, can you find a MLK quote to inspire your followers?

  23. 18th Jan is ALSO Winnie The Pooh day, maybe a Pooh quote is more your style?

  24. 24th January is Global Belly Laugh Day (seriously!) how about dusting off some of your industry in-jokes?

  25. Or sharing some of your embarrassing but funny anecdotes?

  26. 30 January kicks-off National Storytelling Week - can you share one of your favourite brand stories?

  27. Why not write about the time you failed and lived to tell the tale?

  28. Do you have any great stories from when you first started out as an entrepreneur?

  29. Or, can you share another aha or life-changing moment?

  30. Do you have inspiring anecdote about a famous entrepreneur or high-achiever we can all learn from?

  31. Or, can you bust some common business myths?

And of course, once you start scribbling down ideas and many more start bubbling up in your brain tank - you can add those to your calendar for future months too. In fact, why not use this opportunity to create an entire year’s worth of content for 2016?

P.S. Sign up on the right hand side for inspiration all year round (we’ll be sure to send you content prompts for February before this month is out as well as many, many more ideas you can use).

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