21 Ways to Create Quick and Easy Content Wins this April

We all know that creating useful and engaging content is crucial for our businesses, but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

Hands up if you have (approximately) a squillion billion half-formed ideas in your Dropbox or just hanging around in your head? Yep, us too.

So let’s look at some ways of making content creation easier on ourselves with some quick and dirty posts that are easy to finish, polish and publish.

As usual, add these ideas to your highly organised, super-useful content calendar, available free here: https://goo.gl/6xQCw9

Did you miss last month’s post on how to simplify content creation? Simpler is always better!

Here are those 21 easy content ideas:

1: April Fool’s Day is nearly here… we double dare you to do an April Fool or prank one of your colleagues and share the results.

2: Next time you go through the motions of one of your typical weekly tasks, take the time to grab some screenshots or photos as you go to create a ‘How To’ post. This doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking; odds are that someone in your community is going to find it useful. For example, click here for Anna’s husband Dom sharing a simple tip on behalf of Parajet.

3: Another way to use one of your typical tasks or processes would be to scribble a list of benefits or reasons for doing it the way you do it. Never forget that your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary.

4: Alternatively, share a list of how NOT to do something.

5: How about a little hack you stumbled upon that you can share with readers?

6: Or why not ask your readers to share theirs?

7: On the same subject, what software or digital hacks do you use that make your life easier?

8: If you don’t have time to create your own tips post, create a list of those that other people have shared and links to those articles as the sources.

9: Or reach out to industry experts on Twitter asking for a quick tip on a particular topic and then create a round-up of their recommendations.

10: Read some great industry articles lately? Pull them together for a monthly links-roundup.

11: Alternatively, quote the article, embed any tweets reacting to it and then add your opinion to showcase your expertise.

12: Speaking with a client or customer this week? Ask them some quick questions about themselves at the same time and share their story.

13: World Book Night is on the 23rd of April - it’s the perfect opportunity to plug your own published work.

14: Are there any game changing books that have influenced you lately? A quick list with links to Amazon can be a valuable and engaging post.

15: Or any old favourite books that you think your readers would find particularly valuable?

16: Could you conduct a simple survey using Survey Monkey among your community members and share the results on your blog?

17: Alternatively, use a polling app to canvas opinions from your audience on Twitter or Facebook and post the results on those platforms.

18: National Stationery Week starts on 25th April. We’ll certainly be sharing some of our favourites here: https://uk.pinterest.com/inkspillers/stationery-love/

19: As we’ve said before, humans are naturally nosey creatures, so have you shared any behind-the-scenes stuff from your business lately?

20: How about some quirky shots around your workplace or office? Or some pics of your office pets, as digital media agency Big Sea recently did for their take on St Patrick’s Day, “ St Petty’s Day”: click here to see them!

21: And just another quick tip, when you do share company news, make sure you talk about it in a way that’s interesting to the reader. For example, did you hire someone new or promote someone? Talk about why they made the cut in such a way to inspire anyone reading.

Phew! You made it through to the end of list… hopefully with some simple ideas to create some quick content wins this month.

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