Build a Wordbank of Go-To Phrases: 57 Ideas to Start You Off!

Create a brand language library

In this installment of our brand language series I’m going to contradict myself slightly.

It’s perfectly fine to use run-of-the-mill words sometimes. Sometimes you need to ‘say what it does on tin’.

So, as well as your lexicon of interesting and unusual words (which we talked about in this post), it helps to create a bank of simple phrases you can turn to when you need to write and time is short.

1) First, you need to list out the selling points or benefits of your offering.

2) Next, run these through a thesaurus to find other ways to describe them.

3) Finally, create your wordbank of go-to phrases.

To give you a headstart, I’ve compiled a list of a few common benefits and ways in which you can describe them.

1) Ways to say ‘makes it easier’

  • Easy peasy
  • Easy as pie
  • Easy as ABC
  • Easy as 1,2,3
  • On easy street
  • Work less
  • Work smarter
  • Effortless
  • Nice and simple
  • Easy money
  • Easy as Do, Ray, Mi
  • Nothing to it

2) Ways to say ‘faster’

  • Lightning quick
  • Bullet
  • Superfast
  • Super quick
  • In no time
  • Quick as a flash
  • Lightspeed
  • High-speed
  • Swift
  • Snappy
  • In a jiffy
  • Speedy
  • Racing

3) Ways to say ‘saves stress’

  • Stress-free
  • Frustration-free
  • Worry-free
  • More energy
  • No fuss
  • Peace of mind
  • Calmer
  • Lower stress
  • Free from effort
  • More happy

4) Ways to say ‘more choice’

  • Limitless
  • Endless
  • Maximum
  • A googleplex of options
  • Plenty to choose from
  • No shortage of choice
  • An enormous range
  • All you need
  • No holds barred
  • No end of
  • Countless
  • Never ending
  • Boundless

5) Ways to say ‘saves time’

  • Frees up time
  • Free ups space
  • Shortcut
  • Hack
  • The easy route
  • Take the fast lane
  • Gives you more hours
  • Get your time back

For more ideas like these, grab yourself a copy of Words That Sell. However, be warned that the words are not the most inspiring and so we highly recommend you create your own bank of brand language that truly expresses who you are and how you want your reader to feel.

And if you would like some help with this, it’s our favourite thing on Earth. Please drop us a line and we would be utterly delighted to oblige.

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