13 Wacky Words That Make You Fade Away, Not Stand Out

As a follow-up to our previous post “26 Vanilla, Vague and Overused Words That Weaken Your Web Copy" here are a few words that may have been fresh, interesting and wacky at first but have become total clichés over time.


When you’re on deadline and under pressure it’s perfectly normal to use the first words that bubble into your brain-tank. But, as Ash points out in her post on the topic, they are the last words you should use, because they are the first words that occur to everybody else as well.

And if you’re saying the same things as everybody else? You’re going to fade into the background.

You’re not “everybody else”. You are uniquely you, and your language should reflect that.

And if you’re not clear on what makes you special, we’d love to help you uncover it.

It’s our favourite thing on Earth. Please drop us a line and we would be utterly delighted to oblige.

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