Inkovations: Brand Personality

Jester Brand Archetype Case Studies

Are you a 'Jester' Brand? Act Like It!

(Still need to read our quick introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes? check it out here)

Banking isn’t the most playful of topics. Mortgages, loans, savings accounts…the first word that...

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Creator Brand Archetype Case Studies

Are you a ‘Creator’ Brand? Learn How to Express Yourself

(Haven’t read our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes yet? check it out here)

Hands up if you played with Lego as a child? Given the opportunity you still do, don’t you? It’s OK, you can...

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Caregiver Brand Archetype Case Studies

Are you a ‘Caregiver’ Brand? Find Out How to Express Your Personality

(If you missed our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes, check it out here)

Back in the 1970s, when trousers were flared and disco ruled supreme, a battle to convert the nation’s mothers...

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Piddle's new rebrand

Itching to Rebrand? Read The Cautionary Tale of Piddle First

(Allow us to interrupt the Archetype series with this cautionary tale. Oh yes, there is a moral in it)

Received wisdom says that January is the natural time to reinvent yourself, to clear out the old and make way for the new. But if you’re feeling called to rebrand your business or website this year and update your brand...

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Brand archetypes examples and case studies

Are you a Creator? A Magician? Or a Sage? Part 2 of the Archetypes Series

As we outlined in last week’s post, archetypes are universal characters that have existed for thousands of years, tracing back to Ancient Greece.

The best known and most loved is The Hero; that...

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Brand Archetype Examples in Branding

Why Personality is Everything in Business. Part 1 of the Archetypes Series

Welcome to Part 1 in a series where we’ll be sharing how you can use brand archetypes for developing a likeable brand personality and distinctive tone of voice.

Brand personality is so often the difference between being...

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Avis billboard

What If You're Not No.1 in Your Industry?

Recently a company who were looking for venture capital investment contacted me for copywriting services. They had an exciting, ground-breaking product but were new in their industry.

They wanted to know how they could possibly compete with the...

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The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd

Why Nobody Buys Your Offering (And Why That's a Wonderful Thing)

When is red, not red?

When it’s:


Tuscan Red and Baked Cherry,

Leather and Carmine,


Sounds like poetry doesn’t it? In fact, these are all hues of Little Greene and Company’s red paint.

Of the 164...

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