Build a Stand-Out Brand With Little to No Money

Over the years I’ve worked with some amazing big brands but I especially love working with the ambitious, hungry innovators of the world.

It’s a privilege to help brilliant people express and bottle their brilliance.

So I wanted to find a way to help micro businesses and start-ups with tiny (or non-existent) budgets step up and stand out.

My Ink Academy was designed to do exactly that.

Head on over to and you’ll find a super-practical, low-cost masterclass to help you build a stronger brand with very little money.

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What Will You Learn?


How to use your point of view to stand out and elevate your business from being a mere commodity to becoming a meaningful brand


How to give your brand an authentic personality and voice by sharing your values. As well as how to uncover them.


How to sum up what you do in one tiny but mighty sentence that customers connect with and want to act on.

Are you ready to get started?

Go to the academy

Realise your potential, help them realise theirs

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