Can’t see the wood for the trees?

Are you going round in circles with a creative conundrum, feeling held back because you’ve got a business blind spot or just want to see if we’d be a good working fit?

Sometimes all you need is a good vent over the phone to someone who gets it. Someone who helps people like you untangle their ideas for a living. Someone like me, in fact!

20 minutes to blitz it

Book a Brain Blitz with me; answer a few initial questions and you’ll receive 20-minutes of free constructive advice - saving you hours of wasted time and leaving you with a clear direction for moving forward.

Book a 20-minute Brain Blitz


WOW! I’ve just had the most amazing and fruitful Brain Blitz Session with Anna McLoughlin - I feel clearer about my message than I ever have, that she really ‘got me’ and more powerfully was that she helped me see that I do have a message and mission in the work I am doing.”

Martine Metaxas

Martine Metaxas, Life Coach