Why Nobody Buys Your Offering (And Why That's a Wonderful Thing)

The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd

When is red, not red?

When it’s:


Tuscan Red and Baked Cherry,

Leather and Carmine,


Sounds like poetry doesn’t it? In fact, these are all hues of Little Greene and Company’s red paint.

Of the 164 shades in their collection, 128 have been authenticated by English Heritage as true historical colours.

Little Greene clearly believe that the saying "An Englishman’s home is his castle" is not a cliché but a dead-set truth.

Few of us live in castles; but for most of us our home is our biggest investment, our own small piece of planet, our personal palace.

By painting their walls with heritage paint, their customers are honouring that belief.

Like buying an antique, they’re bringing a little bit of a bygone era into their lives and by association, some of its grandeur too.

Choose a Little Greene product and…

Your door can be same colour as composer Handel’s (Chocolate).

Your walls could be Blue Verditer ("an English colour … found during analysis of the entrance hall of Kenwood House, London").

Your wallpaper would faithfully replicate that which was rescued from England’s grandest homes (such as "the vignette on the paper on the walls of The Manor on Crooms Hill").

Your home may not be a castle, but it can certainly feel like one.

Like all great marketers, Little Greene know that their customers aren’t just buying their product.

Because if that were the case wouldn’t they have Dulux whip up the same colour at half the price?

In fact, they’re buying a story.

And not just buying a story but becoming part of that story. A story about English identity, who they are and who they want to be.

In fact, they’re buying a feeling.

So, how do your customers want to feel?

Who do they want to be?

What is it they are really buying from you?

What is it that you are really selling?

Understand this and convey this in all you do and you’ll offer so much more than the competition. You will sell more … but more importantly, you will connect more.

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Photo Credit: The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd

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