Figure Out Who You Are. Do It On Purpose.

Distil your essence

In 2015, I decided to really niche down from general copywriter to brand messaging specialist.

In doing so, I thought it would be a great idea to ditch the Inkspiller brand and rebrand as Distillo - because of my ‘distilling’ process, get it?

As a branding geek, I just wanted a new brand to play with - I even had a whole identity designed.

Thankfully the wise Ellen de Vries was there to pick me up on it and bring me to my senses before I pulled the trigger.

I’d been trading under ‘Inkspiller’ for ten years by that point. It’s a relatively memorable name, it was a good enough brand.

And so it has been.

But now looking back, I wanted to rebrand because I wanted the shiny armour of a new identity - so I would feel good enough to offer new services.

You know what? I think that is also OK.

It’s like getting a new haircut or wearing our favourite outfit for a big occasion.

In my experience, that can be the real power of new messaging - knowing you’re showing your best self to the world so you can put yourself out there confidently.

Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Know what’s already working for you and what your audience responds to - then amplify that.

Or, as the phenomenal Dolly Parton says; “Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose”.

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