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Biodigesters for Belgut - Meet Vincent, Our Kiva Entrepreneur for Summer

We’ve got a confession to make.

We’ve been hopelessly rubbish at taking the time to write about the wonderful people who we make ‘loans that change lives’ to via Kiva.

Never fear, we certainly haven’t neglected to make the loans themselves!

But we’ve slapped ourselves...

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Walking A Marathon For Naomi House

Almost 11 years ago, my nephew Tom passed away at only 2 weeks old.

Naomi House was there to support his mum and dad through his last days, giving them space and peace to truly be with him.

This is something that they do for hundreds of life-limited and life-threatened children, young people and their families in our...

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Eight Questions To Uncover The Superpowers You Didn't Realise You Had

What do you take for granted, that you can do freakishly well?

One of my superpowers is reading ridiculously fast.

I’ve challenged myself to read 100 books this year and currently reading number 55 (Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology - so good).

I’m proud of that fact and I’m loving the challenge but I never mention it if people...

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We Rise By Lifting Others

“Empowered women empower other women. This is especially true when it comes to women who run their own businesses” - Sheryl Sandberg

When women lift each other up, anything is possible.

I see lives changing every day in the communities of female entrepreneurs I belong to on Facebook. Even lives being saved - true...

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Seasonal content calendar

Use This Seasonal Content Calendar. Smash Your 2018 Goals.

At this time of year of resolutions and bright shiny possibilities, it’s easy to overload ourselves with new goals, diet or exercise regimes and grand business ideas.

If you work in the creative industries, this time of year is also traditionally quieter. So you might be using the lull to launch into frenzied marketing mode.


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Back to School with Riffat - Our Autumn Kiva Entrepreneur

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed it’s been a little while since we’ve mentioned our Kiva borrower of the month.

It’s not that we’ve been slacking or that we don’t care any more- far from it- but rather that we’ve been doing a bit of thinking about how our loans could have a greater impact for their recipients. As a result, we’ve...

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How to write your homepage

Write Your Homepage In Just Half An Hour

In a world where you’ve got seconds to make a great first impression, potential clients need to ‘get’ what you have to offer – and quickly.

It’s like legendary film producer, Sam Goldwyn, put it;

If you can’t write your idea for a movie on the back of a business card, you ain’t got a movie.”

And so it is with...

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Make Change While The Sun Shines- Meet Our Kiva Entrepreneur For August

Settling back into our copy cave this week after what was officially the hottest late August bank holiday for half a century, our minds are naturally still on sunshine.

It was a logical decision, then, to...

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How To Bottle Your Brilliance (And Heart) In Your Sales Page

I hear the same thing over and over again from the incredible business women that I work with; it’s all too easy to lose touch with your own voice and authentic message.

Especially when it comes to writing a sales page.

As I’m always banging on about, the more you love something and the closer you are to it, the harder it is to...

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Aunty Aminata in Sierra Leone - Our Kiva Entrepreneur for July

‘Aunty’ Aminata, as she is affectionately known in her village of Makeh, Sierra Leone, is an outstanding entrepreneur and businesswoman who supports a family of six.

She believes business is an important way for women to become empowered in the community, and is a successful farmer, landowner, village elder who also runs a trading...

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How To Run A Brand Archetypes Workshop Without Inciting Mutiny

In this final instalment of our “How To Run A Creative Workshop” series, we’re going to learn how to use one our of favourite workshop tools to uncover a brand’s personality;

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#1BillionInChange - Our Kiva Entrepreneur for June

Kiva, the organisation we use to make our monthly ‘loans that change lives’ is on the verge of an incredible milestone. At the time of writing they have helped entrepreneurs without access to conventional banking systems access a jaw-dropping $995,812,375 of loans - tantalisingly close to $1 billion.

With this in mind,...

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