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How To Do Brand Language Like Jamie Oliver

In a tone of voice workshop I ran several years ago, I tasked the group with using the tone of voice of different celebrities. The funniest one by far was the press release written in the personality of Jamie Oliver. He has such a distinctive way with words, everything’s “pukka”, “rockin”, “outrageous” or “new stylee” in Jamie’s world....

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Recycling On The Bolivian Plateau: Meet May’s Kiva Entrepreneur

To the South-West of La Paz, Bolivia’s administrative capital, lies the area of Cruce Villa Adela, the crossroads beyond which the remote villages of the arid Altiplano spread out.

Whilst Bolivia’s economy has taken an upturn from a starting point of economic and political instability in recent years, it remains South America’s poorest...

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Copywriting is about listening

June Copy Hacks: 5 Stealthy Ways to Get Inside Your Customers' Brains

Last month we explained that the #1 rule of copywriting isn’t about writing at all; it’s listening.

But in this world of websites, text messages and quick comments, it’s not always easy to get quality...

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Win a Workshop

Make Your Message Magnetic: Win a Workshop Worth £1000

In 2003, Jesse and Julie Mecham were only just married. They were also completely broke… and stressed.

They were anxious because they wanted to finish University without sinking into debt. To help them get by, Jesse created an Excel spreadsheet to manage their meagre income.

It was so useful, he then decided to sell the...

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You can't wait for inspiration to strike, you just need to write

Write Copy Like a Pro, Even When You Feel Like a Zombie

Before I started copywriting, I believed in the myth of the starving artist writer. I thought you had to wait in agony for an idea to peak, like a surfer waiting for a wave on a glassy sea. When that rare crest of inspiration came your way, then you must ride it for dear life, lest it be your last!

Then I became a copywriter. Writing was...

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Brand personality archetypes

What If You Haven’t Found Your Brand Archetype Yet? The Final Part Of Our Series

(This is the last installment of our brand archetypes series. Skip to the end to refresh your memory on all twelve archetypes)

Over the last few weeks we’ve been digging into the twelve core archetypes and sharing stories from the brands...

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Go Boldly and Evoke The Explorer Brand Archetype

(Haven’t read our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes yet? check it out here)

I don’t necessarily want to tell you this, but I will. My name is Alice and I am a Trekkie.

Yes, I...

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The #1 Rule of Copywriting: Listening

The #1 Rule of Copywriting (It's Not About Writing At All...)

When you’re struggling to explain what you do or why your product matters with concise, personality-full copy it’s easy to forget one important thing.

You’re not writing about something. You’re writing for someone.

And that someone is not a customer, or a buyer, or a number. That someone is a human being.

A human being...

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Moringa, the Miracle Tree- Meet our Kiva Entrepeneur for April

Have you heard of Moringa?

It’s a ‘supergreen’ - one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world, with dried leaves outstripping both Kale and Spinach in the level of vitamins, protein, calcium and fibre they contain. As well as the vitamin packed leaves, traditional medicine has used almost every part of Moringa, known as ‘the...

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Don't Worry, Be Happy, Learn How To Express The Innocent Archetype

(Need to read our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes? Find it here)

In the late nineties, long before the rise of juicing, nutribullets and an influx of health drinks pulverized from...

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Are You a 'Magician' Brand? Here's How To Cast Your Spell

(Need to read our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes? It’s here)

What sort of image does the word ‘magician’ conjure (pun very much intended) up for you? Perhaps it’s a Wizard in a cape...

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Are you a 'Citizen' Brand? Stand Out, By Fitting In...

(Need to check out our introduction to the 12 core brand archetypes? It’s here)

It’s official, living near a pub is good for you. Newcastle Business School have conducted a 10-year study into...

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