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Copywriting services for BBC Bitesize

"BBC Bitesize's longest viewed activities"

Teenagers have a notoriously tiny attention span, so how do you make exam revision engaging? We helped BBC Bitesize conquer this challenge–the animations we helped to create are the top visited, longest viewed and the ones viewed in full, on a site which gets over 300,000 visits during exam time. This collaboration with Preloaded was nominated for a BIMA award.

Copywriting services for BBC RaW

BBC RaW - inspiring 10,000s of readers

A dream-come-true project, we were lucky enough to write the children’s book “Max and Lara’s Amazing Travelling Space Circus” on behalf of the BBC’s Reading and Writing Campaign. The talented Firedog team created the characters and concepts, whilst we helped disguise the learning activities in the immersive story. This beautiful story book was advertised on TV and sent out free to every library and many thousands of people across the UK as part of the BBC’s biggest ever campaign to get the nation reading.

Brand positioning for Homeserve

Award Winning Copy for Homeserve

We worked with FTSE 250 company Homeserve to develop the messaging and voice for the UK’s first home repairs service. They launched with a bang with 120 pages of tight copy and valuable advice pages. It was delivered in an incredibly short time and received a Gold Award from Web User magazine

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Brand positioning for MTV Flux

MTV Flux - BAFTA winning launch

It was a joy to create the unique ‘voice of Flux’ and short teaser copy for MTV’s first social media site and channel. Our words kicked off conversations and drove TV viewers to the website (and vice versa). We worked closely with the MTV Flux team, who went on to win a BAFTA for this project.

Copywriting services for Masa International

Making Masa International number 1

Masa don’t just sell property in Spain, they sell a dream. A dream everyone at the company believes in and one that we wove into hundreds of pages of web copy — establishing them as an authority and ensuring they remain the #1 property company in Spain, despite the economic downturn

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Copywriting services for 4OD

4oD's award winning launch

4oD (4 on Demand) was the very first online TV ‘catch-up’ service in the UK. Our short, clear and to-the-point web copy enticed viewers to download the software and talked them clearly through the installation process. The launch won an Association of Online Publishers Award and we went on to write copy for pioneering Channel 4 projects ‘Fuse’ and ‘Picture This’.

Brand positioning work for Innometrics

Growing Innometrics by 300%

Tech start-up Innometrics have created a mind-blowing technology platform that solves many problems for marketers. We captured its value in easy-to-grasp and memorable messaging. The result? Innometrics attracted $5million investment, grew by 300% and has been adopted by 50 major brands.

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Brand positioning for NHS - Salisbury Laser Clinic Homepage

Boosting the Clinic's revenue by 30%

We rebranded this outstanding NHS clinic, helping them define their brand positioning and express their brand personality. We wrote clear and compelling web copy that made real patients the star of the show. Without any additional marketing activity, this rebrand grew their revenue by 30% in the first year.

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Copywriting services for Exodus Adventure Holidays

Inspiring stories for Exodus Adventure Travel

Our team wrote 50 in-depth, rich, visually worded travel guides to help relaunch the Exodus site. The guides draw high quality traffic to the website and were highly commended in the Travolution awards.

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Brand positioning services for Beliyf

Acclaimed copywriting for Beliyf

Beliyf helps organisations articulate who they are and why they matter. We worked with founder Mark Sampson to distil 10,000 words of ideas down to 700 words that take the reader on a journey through the website. As one reviewer wrote; “Words that ooze positivity and excitement express Beliyf’s passion and enthusiasm for the work they do. You can tell they care before you even talk to someone.”

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Brand positioning for toinfinity

Winning new clients for toinfinity

We’re privileged to work with this multi-award winning online marketing agency to sharpen, refine and enliven their copywriting. As a result, they’ve seen a measurable uptake in new clients, sales leads and even outgrown their office space. Director of Client Services, Emma Pearson, says; ” Inkspiller completely understand what we’re trying to achieve and we love the enthusiasm they bring to every project”.

Tone of voice workshop for Refugee Action

Revitalising Refugee Action's voice

Working with 16 people across the organization, we workshopped to narrow down the organisation’s personality and tone-of-voice as well as audience, key messages and communication style. The result was confidence in both writing and writing in a consistent voice. To quote one participant: “It gave us new ideas and helped us pin down our tone-of-voice, so that we’re now confident about this.”

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“Wow. I’m seriously impressed with what Inkspiller produced. They really got behind Milestone, our story and our ethos”

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