Bottle your brilliance with brand strategy

What special thing do you have that no-one else has?

Who needs it like no-one else?

How can you start to matter to them?

Your answers are the difference between a click or a click-on-by.

Between being a commodity or being a prestige brand.

Between coasting along as you are or busting through the next level of growth.

But I know how difficult it is to see these things clearly and to bottle your brilliance in a stand-out brand when you’re so close to it.

Love for your brand

Does this sound like you?

Speech bubble

You’re too close to what you do to understand how outsiders see it

Chances are that you’re dazzling them with jargon right now, so I’ll help you distil a clear, magnetic message.

Pin point

You want to stand out in an oversupplied or commoditised industry

We’ll pinpoint what makes you different and uncover a brand or product positioning story that you alone can own.

What matters

You find that potential customers get confused about why you’re different or why it matters -

Together we’ll create a strategy that helps you rise above the rest. A prestige brand your ideal customers resonate with, warm to and engage with.

What the process involves

The “Bottle Your Brilliance” process involves an up-front audit and research, a creative and fun face-to-face half-day workshop and development process. At the end of this, you’ll receive a strategy document that distills your core messaging and your visual brand. We explore four core areas.

Your story:

Why do you do what you do? Why does it matter?

Your offer:

Who do you serve best? Why will they buy? Why won’t they buy?

Your personality:

What simple message can you reinforce? How can you express your personality and identity in your marketing?

Your visual identity:

Do you have a look and feel that communicates who you are? How can you amplify this with a new logo, new fonts and colours?

We also evaluate your entire digital footprint through the lens of your brand story, in order to ensure that there’s no disconnect and that you’re magnifying the results of all that do.

Would you like to know a bit more?

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Brand strategy day

What happens during the workshop?

Working with you and the key people in your team, I run an intensive but fun and highly creative workshop. We’ll use reflective questions. But also neuron-firing brainstorm exercises.

One thing you may be surprised by is the sheer amount of clarity you gain from this day alone. To quote one client, “After the day we were happy just to crack on putting our plan into action, we didn’t even need the strategy document.”

How do we book?

As this is such an intensive process (I live and breathe your business for an entire week or more) I only run a limited number of strategy days each month, so get in touch and I’ll tell you if, or when, there are places available. To read what other clients have said about me, take a look here.

Sound good? Then please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to chat it through in more detail.

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Brand Strategy day

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