Get positioning you can be proud of

You want your messaging to reflect your business today, not who you used to be.

You want to be able to share your website without cringing, confident it will do the talking for you.

You want ideal clients to understand your process, to feel excited to get in touch and sold before you even pitch.

And you don’t want to lose any more time (or leads) while you tinker with it.

Let’s get it done!

Love for your brand

Show the world what makes you unique

Speech bubble

Lead with a strategic narrative

We’ll weave your purpose, positioning and key messages into a strategic story that builds affinity with your audience, speaking to their reality while articulating how you see the world and the future.

Pin point

Meet your ideal clients where they are

At the end of the day, your website isn’t for you – it’s for your clients. So we won’t talk much about you; we will focus on them, creating offers, services and copy that connects to their real challenges and aspirations.

What matters

Write it together so it sounds like you

Great copy is co-created and at the end of the project, we won’t know who wrote what. We’ll brainstorm and edit live together, so it sounds as if it’s you talking. Your clients stick with you for a reason, my goal is bottle that.

“The process we went through with Anna allowed us to understand who we really are, they helped develop a brand personality we didn’t realise we had and our clients love. The process was fun and the results stellar.”

Jon Darke, Every Interaction

Brand strategy day

Investment for the Brilliance Accelerator:

Costs vary depending on deliverables, but an average project is £3,000, plus VAT, and includes your value proposition, key messages, strategic story, brand personality and key pieces of content e.g. web copy, case studies or content marketing – whatever you need to reach your goals.

Why work with me?

I’ve helped over 400 businesses nail their message, including award-winning agencies and giants like Facebook. I specialise in taking huge amounts of information, pulling out the patterns and distilling them into tangible, catchy ideas and copy. The result: more clarity, more sales and more freedom to pick your projects, your prices and live your purpose.

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