What’s so special about you and your business?

There’s nothing different about you… or so you think. I’ll show you that the opposite is true.

Perhaps, even after years in business, you’re still struggling to explain what’s unique about what you do or why it matters?

Perhaps both you and your offerings have evolved, but your messaging hasn’t?

Perhaps you’ve been too focused on what others are doing and have lost touch with what makes you special?

Absolutely everyone struggles with this! There’s nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing wrong with your business.

It just means that it’s time to realign with your heartfelt message and reignite your storytelling mojo again.


Distil that special something only you have, into words your clients will act on

Join me for a virtual 121 workshop and together we’ll unlock the heart of your message, extract the gold from your own story and shine a light on what makes you different.

I call this an Epiphany Session because it always is.

I’m always blown away by the phenomenal ‘ahas’ and business momentum we can ignite in just 90 minutes!

By the end of the session, you’ll understand why you’re so special, you’ll have a message that you alone can own and full confidence in how to get it out there.

Afterward, you’ll receive a Messaging and Content Marketing Plan that sums up the experience; full of juicy story prompts and practical tips for attracting and convert the right customers.

For a small additional cost, I can also distill my notes into two pages of web copy that reflect your vision, your voice and more importantly - inspires your customers to buy.

Epiphany session
Marie Yates

“90 minutes with Anna has quite literally mapped out my entire business idea in a structured way that finally makes sense to me. Now, I know what I’m doing, who I’m doing it for and Anna has reignited the ‘why’. The ideas have been flowing since the session and with Anna’s help in writing down the key points, I have a head start on my website and marketing copy. This is an investment worth making for anyone who is swimming in ideas and needs to get out of their own way!”

Marie Yates, Ghostwriter, Your Story Counts

And the results can be mind-blowing

These Epiphany Sessions have helped clients to secure millions of pounds of investment, outgrow offices and increase shareholder value.

Would you like results like these?

Book now and get clear on your difference within hours.

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Kirsty Wick

“Anna helped me to identify the problem I had with getting my message out there. I had so many aha moments. She is incredibly perceptive and a great listener which means she is picks out the stories and the essence of your business. Now Anna has reflected my hidden gems back to me I am able to see them clearly myself and confidently put them on display to clients”

Kirsty Wick, Hypnotherapist, The Spring Practise

Frequently Asked Questions

This is best suited for solo-entrepreneurs who run transformational service-based businesses, such as coaches, consultants and therapists. This is because of the way our personal stories are so entwined in our messaging. By the end of the session you’ll be able to see this clearly for yourself, you’ll have a message that you alone can own and full confidence in how to get it out there.

Larger businesses and innovative teams who are looking to pin down and distil their collective expertise into a message their customers will connect with will get better results from my “Bottle Your Brilliance” sessions. This process has helped larger organisations to secure millions of pounds of investment, triple revenue, outgrow offices, double their business and increase shareholder value by 200% in just one day.

I’ve seen it time and time again; the money is in the message. Without the right message, you can’t confidently promote your offerings and even when you try your hardest or throw a tonne of money at marketing, if the message is off then people won’t buy. This is fundamental stuff you have to get right for the health of your business. It’s an investment that will repay itself every day, year after year.

It’s priced at £540.00, including VAT. This includes our Epiphany virtual workshop and your messaging plan. For just £900.00 I can also distill my notes into 2 pages of web copy that your clients will connect with and want to act on.

You can book a slot here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12557867&appointmentType=2071786

If you would like my Epiphany Plus session, which includes 2 pages of web copy, book here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12557867&appointmentType=5929353

Is your copy feeling a bit 'blah' to you?

Then let’s bottle your brilliance in words your clients will act on.

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“Anna is an awesome messaging supremo who will help you to zone into your true message and create something so powerful that connecting and selling to your people will become the most natural thing in the world.”

Gemma Went

Gemma Went, Digital Strategist and Business Mentor

“I highly recommend your services as a Marketing Message Mentor- my website is now covered with your brilliance!”

Sarah Leather

Sarah Leather, Success Strategist


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